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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to "A Community Storybook". Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A black and white photograph of a group of 13 men in suits wearing the same triangular shaped hats and matching pins and ribbons pose in two rows, front row seated on bench, in front of a striped marquee in a treed setting
A black and white photograph of a lacrosse team posing in two rows in Town Park; front row 6 men seated on grass with lacrosse sticks crossed over legs, 7 men standing in a row behind; background park setting with three large white tents and people milling around
A somewhat blurry black and white photograph of a large gathering of people, most with their backs facing the camera, in a park surrounding a raised platform at the left side with four posts bearing Union Jack flags, upon which are seated about a dozen people; large white clad building and several trees and houses in the background
A colour photograph of a white clad rectangular building with pitched roof showing two sides of the building; a flagpole, commemorative plaque and street sign reading Mosley St and Larmont St are in the lower left corner
A black and white photograph of male soldiers posing in a park setting, in two rows, front row on right knee; all holding a rifle or sword and wear uniforms with helmet containing a spike on top; wooden picket fence, trees and obscured houses in background
A green satin ribbon with frayed top and bottom edges, printed with a black ink portrait of the head and shoulders of a man glancing to his right and wearing a double breasted suit jacket and white shirt with high collar; black ink text above portrait reads: LAURIER Demonstration, and below Aurora, Sept. 5th '93 MOUNTED ESCORT
A black and white vertical advertisement for the Aurora Horse Show comprising mostly text below a photograph of a horse's head; ad framed with double lines and a black star at each corner
A coloured plaster bust of a man with receding grey hair wearing a white shirt, red cravat and black jacket
Two small silver trophies on wooden bases covered with engraved silver shields; the one at left depicts a male figure running with both arms raised; the one at right features a winged female figure in flowing dress with raised arms holding a wreath with both hands; three loose silver engraved shields sit in front of the trophy at left
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