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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
old colour photograph of three smiling men in suits posing on a patch of green grass with a shoreline in the background. The man to the left is inserting a shovel into the ground
a black and white photograph of diorama reproducing a rare photograph. in the foreground planks of lumber lean against one of four ore cars on rails. Beyond is a steam engine with a tender full of lumber and a flatbed. Scattered on and around these are a dozen workers posing for the picture.
a colour photograph of 1/20 scale model of an antique black steam engine pulling a load of lumber in front of a two-story yellow station with a wood shake roof and a veranda. Two white horses with a cart and driver are near the tracks and a colourful hot air balloon flies in the background.
colour photo with blue sky above and blue water below.  Between are numerous sailing ships with their empty masts reflected in the water, and white condominiums in the background
a watercolour painting of two old sailboats on green wavy water near a marker buoy
a colour photo of a man in suit and tie, shown only from the waist to the shoulders, holds a bronze ship's bell with HMCS COBOURG inscribed on it
black and white Town of Cobourg Harbour Development Plan including lookouts near the end of two main piers, a sculpture garden on the east pier and a hotel complex north of the trailer park
a dark brown two-story clubhouse is surrounded by green trees with yachts moored in foreground
a black & white photograph of a sailing vessel with three masts and all sails up sailing by a distant shoreline
a watercolour painting of numerous large sailboats in full sail on dark green water with a lightly clouded blue sky
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