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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
a coloured print with a wooden pier stretching from the right front towards the shore. People with their boats and horse and buggy are on the dock. A large white building with a tower (Victoria College) and a white steepled church (St. Peter's Church of England) are prominent among the buildings on shore
a black & white etching in which a small sailboat, a larger sailing vessel and a steamboat all battle the waves near a tall round structure holding a white triangular marker. Hills rise to the far left.
a pastel sketch of a square white lighthouse on a large square base. At the edge of the base are workers and a person fishing, and in the foreground a sailboat and a rowboat with one rower
a black and white aerial photograph showing two ferries docked in Cobourg Harbour, one in the centre of the picture at a pier with its bow toward the lake and it's stern at the end of a railway line with railway cars on it, and the other at a dock along the shore. The picture includes the western extension of the harbour in the foreground and the beach in the distance.
an outline map showing Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River as far east as Cornwall. A dotted line shows the route of the Ontario Car Ferry Company ferries between Cobourg, Ontario and Rochester, New York.
black & white photo of a sparse dining area with shiny wooden floor and carpet runners. Round tables are set with white table cloths, napkins, seven pieces of silverware and plates. Serving tables are in the middle background
black and white picture of a large white ferry boat turning within tight confines between two wharfs. a small group of people watches on one wharf and two people in a canoe paddle in the foreground
a colour photograph of 1/20 scale model of an antique black steam engine pulling a load of lumber in front of a two-story yellow station with a wood shake roof and a veranda. Two white horses with a cart and driver are near the tracks and a colourful hot air balloon flies in the background.
photograph of a watercolour painting showing roofs of houses in the foreground, hills in the distance and cam water in between. In the middle distance a long bridge is being crossed by a steam engine with an indeterminate number of cars. Nearer by is a barge
a sepia coloured photograph of a five shilling promissory note issued by The President and Board of Police of the Town of Cobourg, No. 1346 dated 29th March 1848, with a picture of three sailboats and a lighthouse, signed by the Board President, Asa Burnham
a black and white photograph of a Corvette style warship marked K333, sailing in from of a distant shoreline
an 1835 plan of Cobourg Harbour with proposed improvements. Both east and west piers are shown extending to a point where they almost reach each other, leaving a harbour opening.
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