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The Flight from the Flames is the story of the Silver Creek Fire K30285 that took place in 1998. The majority of the images in this gallery were taken by Photojournalist James Murray who was a member of the Salmon Arm Observer team. The newspaper's Editorial Department won the coveted Webster Award for News Story of the Year.
A helicopter hauling a water bucket approaches a blazing fire.
Fire burning in the hills behind a farm. Hay barns in foreground. Water being sprayed on fields.
Fire burning north of Edes Road.
Soldier in uniform carries his personal gear.
Group of soldiers and forestry personnel watch a man in yellow coveralls operate a water pump. Most wear hard hats. Water in foreground.
Mustached man in green uniform, wearing a hard hat and glasses squints at the camera.
Two firefighters in red coveralls dig in the burned ground. A man with a purple t-shirt sprays water into the ground. Two men in red coveralls look on. All men wear hard hats.
Man in coveralls and a helmet holds a hose over his shoulder and sprays something out of sight.
Man in a red shirt with a mask and goggles around his neck, wearing a hard hat talking.
Smoke from fire billows from hills. Sky is lit with orange. Farm in centre of photo.
This is the Salmon Arm evacuation map that was issued during the Fire of 1998. The community was divided into 5 zones. Zone 1 bordered Fly Hills and was south west of Salmon Arm. The Silver Creek Fire burned out of control in Zone 1, destroying many houses. North of Zone 1 was Zone 2, which also bordered on Fly Hills, but it was not evacuated. Zone 3 was east of Zone 1, heavily populated and threatened by the fire. Zones 4 and 5 sandwiched Zone 3 - north and south of Zone 3. They were not evacuated.
Three ambulance attendants loading a person on a stretcher into an ambulance. Emergency worker in orange outfit with reflective stripes looks on.
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