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The Flight from the Flames is the story of the Silver Creek Fire K30285 that took place in 1998. The majority of the images in this gallery were taken by Photojournalist James Murray who was a member of the Salmon Arm Observer team. The newspaper's Editorial Department won the coveted Webster Award for News Story of the Year.
Man and woman present several hundred dollar bills, a cheque and juice boxes to Salvation Army officer.
Man in police uniform smiles.
Woman police officer shines flash light at a male driver in a red car.
Man speaking into several microphones. Wears a white shirt.
Firefighters assemble in front of fire engines and tenders for a group photo.
Blue and white collector’s car loading on a flatbed hitched to a tow truck. Man walks in front of car.
Stand of trees in a forest, burned.
Aerial view of homes destroyed by fire.
Couple walks through twisted metal, rubble and a foundation. Smoke in background.
Scarred grey-black cat lies on an off-white towel.
Three men sort through twisted metal. A fourth wheels a wheel barrow.
Two women lift twisted metal from a pile. Another teenager carries metal towards a red dump truck.
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