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The Flight from the Flames is the story of the Silver Creek Fire K30285 that took place in 1998. The majority of the images in this gallery were taken by Photojournalist James Murray who was a member of the Salmon Arm Observer team. The newspaper's Editorial Department won the coveted Webster Award for News Story of the Year.
Woman and man smile at each other. She is balancing a sign that says, “Thank you firefighters.”
View of mountain after forest fire is out.
A homemade protest sign painted white with red lettering.
Men standing beside fallen tree burning.
Man stands beside a red truck loaded with supplies.
Cartoon of helicopters and aeroplanes flying.
Portrait of a dark haired man with glasses smiles.
Man wearing a baseball hat speaks to microphones.
Man with his back turned speaking into a radio.
Man in a grey shirts smiles, standing at a lectern.
Portrait of a man with a goatee and glasses smiles.
Man in a baseball cap smiles, lake and hillside in background.
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