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Put a call into the Mayor. I don’t care if he’s on holiday!


Man in a suit and tie smiles.

Colin Mayes

We always remember the times in our life when we are most challenged, and although we enjoy the good times, they do not make the same deep mark on our heart or memory as do the troubled times. The fire event of 1998 was a time in our community’s history that spoke highly of all of us and just what we were made of. . . We pulled together to help our neighbours. . . Material possessions were at risk of being lost, but when we were in fear of losing our friends [and] our community, we all realized what is truly valuable and worth fighting for.


As Mayor it was an amazing experience to watch our community come together as one and to watch hundreds of people step up to help others, I was proud to be called the Mayor of this community and proud to call this my home.

Colin Mayes
Mayor of Salmon Arm during the 1998 evacuation

Photo credit:
James Murray, Salmon Arm Observer, c. 1998