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Firefighter expects the worst

Fireman walks through burning embers. A building's foundation is all that is left after the fire.

Eugene Hydamacka, a Silver Creek volunteer firefighter, walks through the rubble of one home on Branchflower Road. Newspaper reports more than 20 structures were burned Wednesday, August 5th.

Training Officer Eugene Hydamacka was a volunteer fireman with the Silver Creek Fire Department. He stopped by to say goodbye to his house in the middle of the disaster.

 When I returned later, I was surprised that my house was still standing. My animals had been evacuated by a good Samaritan when I was too busy to take care of them. I was trying my best to save my neighbours’ homes.”

A rancher in Enderby kindly boarded Eugene’s animals for free.


Photo credit:
James Murray, Salmon Arm Observer, c. 1998