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This gallery features, in no particular order, 98 individuals who signed their Attestation Papers for service overseas between 1914 and 1918. Their addresses at the time of enrolment coincide with the address of their next-of-kin. The large majority of these individuals did not return, being either missing or killed in action. Some came back bearing physical or psychological scars of war and did not survive. Others were injured or fell ill even before they reached the theatre. Forced to confront the loss of the dear ones, families and communities became a network for support and commemoration. Individually or collectively, Londoners mourned and, in the process, a large quantity of rolls of honour, commemorative plaques, cenotaphs, official or non-official decorations, certificates and pins was produced.
Portrait of a man in dinner dress, white tie.
Portrait of a soldier wearing peak hat.
A card typed with next-of-kin information for Lance Corporal John Bigger. Stamps showing dates and red handwriting can be seen.
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