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Simple, fun, fascinating and, above all, educational!

The Virtual Museum of Canada's new online learning centre is for teachers and students. It provides access to museum collections in the form of digital learning resources created by educators and museum professionals. It is trustworthy, bilingual and full of content from the fields of art, science, social studies, and more.

Craft lesson plans by drawing from authoritative and copyright free texts, images, audio clips, animations and video clips of museums' treasures.
You're invited to learn, create and interact with your teacher and classmates in this secure, moderated, and user-friendly domain.



- Browse by theme, grade or location to find learning resources and lesson plans. The content comes in various formats: texts, images, audio clips, animations and video clips. You may access these online for free and even print them!
- Access digital resources and use them to develop lessons and assignments in your online classroom.


- Find and save multimedia content.
- Create projects or simply use the content as reference for your classes.
- Access assignments and messages directly from your teacher.



- Create, save and share lessons and assignments.
- You must create an online classroom by following a few easy steps. Each digital resource can be adapted to teacher's learning objectives. You can use the content and online tools to create your own lessons and assignments or may decide to print the resources found online.
- The lessons prepared by teachers and museum educators can remain private or be made public for other Teachers' Centre users to see. Thus, teachers can read them or use them as a basis for creating their own.


- Create your own projects and assignments using the resources found online or provided by your teacher.
- Projects remain private between the student and the teacher.

INTERACT in your classroom

Teachers and Students:

Connect with a wiki, blog or a message centre to post your opinion, ask questions or get extra help! These moderated interactive tools are moderated to comply with our terms of use.
- The wiki is a Web page that can be edited by all users of the space that are within the teacher's online classroom, thereby serving as a collaborative tool for tackling classroom assignments.
- The blog is an interactive tool that can be used to initiate discussions between teacher and students.
- The email-like message centre allows students and teachers to communicate with each other through an internal messaging system.