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Canada was shaped by the interaction of peoples from many backgrounds: starting from the First Peoples, through many generations of new arrivals, to present day immigrants and refugees.
Creator: Royal Ontario Museum
A collection of images, artifacts, audio video material and writing about Canada's preeminent filmmaker, David Cronenberg.
Creator: The Toronto International Film Festival
After 1900 the Valentine's Day postcard quickly took the place of the more expensive enclosed card.
Creator: CHIN
Scientific knowledge, more than other kinds, is characterized by rapid change. There always seems to be a new theory or a new application that makes the old one obsolete.
Creator: CHIN
This Learning Collection has been developed for anyone with an interest in the different scientific methods used to solve crimes.
Creator: CHIN
Artists are keen observers of the processes of cultural change that become imprinted on the land and often explore both the problems and the opportunities each issue presents.
Creator: CHIN