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The geologic history of New Brunswick has shaped landscapes, communities and economy. Experience a journey through geologic time to discover how the magnificent rocks influence our lives.
Creator: New Brunswick Museum
Using archaeology to explore the role that markets play in communities, with a specific focus on the history of Kingston Ontario's Heritage Market Square.
Creator: Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation
Gold wiggled its way into Nova Scotia about 500 million years ago and has continued to shape the landscape and lives of Nova Scotians ever since.
Creator: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
This site outlines various hands-on activities for First Nations, Metis and Inuit cultures. This involves prehistoric, historic and contemporary demonstrations.
Creator: Najuqsivik Community Museum
The history of aviation in New Brunswick over the past century has been a rich one. This collection displays persons, places and events that have contributed to this important heritage.
Creator: Heritage Branch, Province of New Brunswick
The real science behind forensic investigation is explained by scientists and police in a tour through the specialist laboratories at the Centre for Forensic Research at Simon Fraser University.
Creator: SFU Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology
The Campbell Carriage Factory survives with over 6,000 tools and templates, vehicles and parts, and business records sufficient to map out its employment and production from the 1850s to 1951.
Creator: Campbell Carriage Factory Museum