A watercolour image overlaid with title and carriage silhouette.

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The Campbell Carriage Factory Museum, located on its original site overlooking the Tantramar Marshes, is recognized as Canada's only surviving 19th-century preindustrial carriage factory.  This is the story of a fairly typical "carriage factory," once a feature of every town.  Where ever settlers became established, and road systems developed, they were met by an invention of their age:  a simplified road-carriage that nearly everyone could afford.

This early factory arose  between the road system connecting New Brunswick to Nova Scotia, and the agricultural lands at the head of the Bay of Fundy.  The restored heritage facility of today showcases a two-story carriage factory and a blacksmith shop, with its original built-in fixtures (like the horse-powered belt & pulley system), capable of producing a wide variety of carriages, wagons and sleighs -- housing over 6,000 tools, patterns and parts -- complete with business records. 

In 2003, the Museum opened its doors to the public, a testament to the Campbell family who owned and operated it for over 100 years, and the workmen dedicated to their craft.

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