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The Vancouver Aquarium gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.


Lucas Brotz


Amy Poon

Project Manager

Tara Taylor

Project Coordinator

Lisa Tautz

Design Consultant & Illustration

Massif Creative

Youth Volunteer Coordinator

Anne Cole

Education Outreach

Jennifer Stonehouse


Catherine Po

Technical Consultant

Meighan Makarchuk


Erika Paradis
Pascale Fretier
Jenn Burt

Video Production

John Cusack
Mark Miller
Allyson McNaughton





Steller Sea Lions

Killer Whales

Jeff Marliave

Andrew Trites

Lance Barrett-Lennard

Paul Malcolm

Gordon Hastie

Doug Sandilands

Andy Lamb

Dave Rosen

Nadine Pinnell

Bernie Hanby

Vance Mercer

Judy McVeigh

Mackenzie Gier

Billy Lasby

Harald Yurk


Chad Nordstrom



Rebecca Barrick



Gwyneth Shephard



Marina Winterbottom



Andrea Coombs



Troy Neale



Sheryl Barber



Jeremy Fitz-Gibbon



Contributing Photographers



Sea Lions

Killer Whales

Margaret Butschler

Phil Edgell

Steven Smith

Dave Fleetham

Andrew Trites

Bernie Hanby

Gordon Hastie

John Ford

Lance Barrett-Lennard

Hamid Attie

Rebecca Barrick

Graham Ellis

Lucas Brotz

Colleen Black


Doug Sandilands

Amy Poon

Jeff Marliave


Kathy Heise

Noel Hendrickson

Chloe Lewis


Doug Davis


Ken Wong


Tony Jenkinson




Lee Newman


Jared Towers



Dave Tinker

Sam Kim

Monica Stewart

Angel Wong

Nicola Espiritu

Leesa Watt

Jeff Prowse

Pylin Chuapetcharasopon

Jessica Lam

Karen Rickards

Pascale Fretier


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Grade 6: 10,11 years

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Grade 8 (secondaire 2): 12,13 years

Grade 9 (secondaire 3): 13,14 years

Grade 10 (secondaire 4): 14,15 years

Grade 11 (secondaire 5): 15,16 years

Grade 12 (CEGEP): 16,17 years


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