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© Société d'histoire du Lac St-Jean, 2004. All Rights Reserved.


The Société d’Histoire du Lac Saint-Jean is grateful to the Department of Canadian Heritage for their financial support, making possible the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Danielle Larouche, Managing Director, SHL

Concept and Storyline
Mélanie Girard, Museologist, Project Leader - Concept and storyline

With the cooperation of
Christian Roy, Historian
Exhibition Concept Committee

Site Design and Construction
Idéeclic - Digital Cultural Intelligence Laboratory

Research and Documentation
Dominique Poirat, Architect, Project Leader - Architectural content
Christian Roy, Historian, Project Leader - Historical content

With the cooperation of
Jean-René Cloutier-Ménard, Architectural Draughtsman
Natacha Fortin, Architectural Draughtsman
Fanny Maltais, Architect and Urban Planner
Yves Gagnon, Graphic Artist
Gaston Martel, archiviste
Allyson Tolley, Ethnologist
Joël Tremblay, Animation Coordinator

Mélanie Girard
Charles Gagnon
Danielle Larouche
Fanny Maltais
Dominique Poirat

Copy Editing and Translation
Martin Maltais, Les Traductions Québec-Amérique

Natacha Fortin, Architecture Technician

Jean Briand,
Le Québec en Images

Other Contributors
Bertrand Bergeron, Ethnologist, Cégep d’Alma
Philippe Dubé, LAMIC, Université Laval
Jean-Claude Dupont, Ethnologist, Université Laval
Michel Lessard, Art Historian
Exhibition Concept Committee members: Carole Asselin, France Boudrot, Danielle Larouche, Mélanie Girard, Stéphanie Girard, Jean-Guy Girard, Dominique Poirat, Daniel Rivet, Christian Roy

Special thanks to all the home owners who allowed us to photograph their homes.

We would also like to mention the contribution of Luc Noppen, Yves Laframboise and Paul-Louis Martin, as well as Alan Gowans and Harold Kalman.

Publisher: Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Heritage Information Network

Creator: RCIP-CHIN

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Date modified: 2012-07-11 11:34:58



Age Range:  

Grade 1: 5,6 years

Grade 2: 6,7 years

Grade 3: 7,8 years

Grade 4: 8,9 years

Grade 5: 9,10 years

Grade 6: 10,11 years

Grade 7 (secondaire 1): 11,12 years

Grade 8 (secondaire 2): 12,13 years

Grade 9 (secondaire 3): 13,14 years


  • Arts
    • Architecture
  • Social Studies
    • Anthropology
    • Canadian History

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