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Microorganisms in the 21st Century (part 1)


CHIN, Gatineau, Quebec

Optical Microscope

The microscope is an optical instrument that gives an enlarged image of microorganisms spread on a glass slide deposited on a rectangular tray or stage. Thanks to the three magnifying objective lenses placed right above the stage, and to a light source illuminating from above, the observer can see the microorganisms by placing his eye on the eyepiece. The objectives and eyepiece are composed of glass magnifying lenses. The Bausch and Lomb model presented in the photograph requires the use of an external light source, a lamp with its beam directed on the mirror that has an adjustable angle. It was used at the Institut de Microbiologie et d'Hygiène de l'Université de Montréal.
Armand-Frappier Museum

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Learning Object Collection: Research Laboratory
Learning Object: Research Laboratory, from the Past to the Present
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