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Microorganisms in the 21st Century (part 1)


CHIN, Gatineau, Quebec


The Nikon inverted microscope that we see in the photograph is equipped with a 16 mm movie camera fixed to the right of the base. It would also be possible to install a still photography camera. The microscope, equipped in this manner, was used to do photomicrography and microcinematography of the biological material observed under the microscope. The resulting film could be projected and used for teaching or to review certain phenomena in fast or slow motion to analyze them from a different perspective. Use of cinematography in the biological sciences goes back to the 1900s. In 1908, the French company Pathé hired Dr Jean Comandon, a pioneer of scientific microcinema. Use of 16mm film became common practice starting in 1945.
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Learning Object Collection: Research Laboratory
Learning Object: Research Laboratory, from the Past to the Present
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