T e a c h e r  C r e a t e d  L e s s o n

Qu’est-ce que l’amour?


CHIN, Ottawa, Ontario


“She beheld on his golden head his luxuriant hair steeped in ambrosia….On the winged god’s shoulders his dewy wings gleamed white with flashing brilliance… At the foot of the bed lay his bow, quiver, and arrows, the kindly weapons of that great god.”
(Apuleius, The Golden Ass, 5:22)

Cupid (or Amor) is the Latin name for Eros, Greek god of love. The myths of Eros give us a glimpse of the joys and sorrows of romantic relationships. He is cute and lovable, mischievous and dangerous. His arrows flow with love, but also pierce with pain. His realms are both divine and human. He is an angelic herald of love or a pest. He is winged, which speaks to the elevated and spiritual sides of love, yet it may be a flight of fancy, and there is a danger of falling. He is often a trickster playing with adult emotions.

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Learning Object Collection: With Heart and Hand
Learning Object: Cupid, God of Love
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