Joseph Brant: a controversial figure

Keith Jamieson is a Mohawk and a Six Nations of the Grand River Cultural Consultant. He lectures internationally and is also a curator and is an advisor for various exhibits on First Nations. He is a published author and has done many media publications. He explains the controversy behind Joseph Brant.

Royal Ontario Museum
Keith Jamieson: Woodlands Cultural Centre

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And in fact in the end Brant becomes a very controversial figure primarily because of his land dealings. His intent? I don’t think anybody questions his intent, which was to secure our future. He was acting, I believe, seriously, I believe he was acting in the best interest of the people, I think his methods were poor and I think they were a bit self serving at times. But Brant is really, he’s a British hero. He’s not, he’s not a First Nations’ hero he’s not a Six Nations’ hero. He is still very much considered a controversial figure.

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