The Designer’s Role in Creating Cars

In this video, Paul Deutschman talks about the designer’s role in creating cars. Paul Deutschman was born in 1954 in Arvida, Quebec. He studied automotive engineering at Hatfield Polytechnic in England, and honed his design skills at Jaguar and Rover. Today, designs emerging from Paul’s Montreal studio, Deutschman Design, are internationally acclaimed.

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What is the role of a designer in creating today’s cars?

Paul Deutschman

[Paul Deutschman answers:]

Car design is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. As a designer, you actually get to create the cars that people will be driving in the future! Car design is extremely important because it’s the best designed cars are often the best selling cars.

To be a successful designer you need to combine many skills. First, you need to love imagining how the cars of the future will look. You need to be good at sketching and 3D modeling—presenting your ideas in clay and on the computer. Car designers need to have a sound technical knowledge of how cars are manufactured. They also need to keep their eyes and ears open to what are the latest trends in the world of fashion, what are the latest technical advances, and so on.

The designer must be able to distill all this input into a desirable, original, and viable set of wheels.

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