Martin Liefhebber Interview Part 6: Design for a Dramatic Climate

Designing for a dramatic climate should produce dramatic architecture.

Qasim Virjee
Martin Liefhebber, Daniela Bryson, Elise Hodson
March 2006
CANADA Toronto Region, Ontario, Toronto Region, CANADA
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Designing for a dramatic climate should produce dramatic architecture. "The context of Canada in terms of climate is absolutely wonderful. We have the most dramatic climate – it’s just so exciting. It actually should produce very dramatic architecture. It’s not California, it’s not moderate climate Europe - which, incidentally, is informing all of our architecture today – it is not these kind of temperate climates. In fact we have nothing like it. We have a sub-arctic climate, -10, -15, -20°C, wind chill factors of -40 sometimes –50. It gets dramatic and that’s serious. On the other hand we have summer which is, in my way of thinking, kind of Malaysian or Indonesian. We have +30°C with a humidity of 85/90%. Well, that’s Jakarta, Indonesia. We need to respond to the fact that we have a climate - whether or not we’re going to be heating up as time goes by and that’s what all the projections are – the fact is that we have a very erratic kind of climate which is definitely going to get more so as time goes on."

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