I.O.D.E. Certificate: Information

This artifact looks like an official government document but in fact it's not.

If you look closely, you’ll see the following wording in the document:

“You are now admitted to share, with us, all the ancient liberties of the British peoples. We welcome you to share with us and to protect, even to death, these rights and privileges.
The Union Jack is the flag of Canada.
God Save the King is the National Anthem.”

From the wording we know that this Certificate was intended to promote patriotism throughout the British Empire (later called the British Commonwealth.

By looking at this document we realize a number of things.  During this time period:
  • ‘Oh Canada’ was not our National Anthem.
  • Canada was still not completely independent from the U.K.
Kinsaburo ‘Sam’ Nishimura received this certificate in 1951.  By the date, we know that the Second World War had ended only a few years before.  By looking at Sam’s full name we realize that he was a Japanese Canadian.
Royal Ontario Museum
Historical Advisor: Chris Bateman, President of The National Chapter of Canada IODE

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