Activity: Meet You At The Market

Examine the role that markets have played economically, politically and socially in various communities throughout history. Begin by examining world markets and then, together with further research apply the knowledge gained in an examination of the development of Kingston's Market.

Part A

Choose a historic market from the list provided to research. Write a brief summary analyzing the history of the market. Research questions have been provided to help guide your research. Be prepared to give a brief presentation to the class about your market. Provide at least one image of the market to create a visual context for your information.

  • Bangkok's Floating Market, Thailand
  • Chattuchuck, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Toronto's St. Lawrence Market
  • German Christmas Markets
  • Otavalo Market, Ecuador
  • The London Markets, UK
  • Lexington Market, Baltimore, USA
  • Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, USA
  • Preston Market, UK
  • Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Fulton Fish Market, South Manhattan, USA
Investigative Questions
  1. Why is this market famous?
  2. What role does it play in the community in which it exists?
  3. How long has this market been in exisitence?
  4. Has its role changed over the years? How and why?
  5. How has tourism affected the role of markets?
  6. Is this market in a developing country or a developed country?
  7. Who are the main clients of this market? Are they locals who rely on it for staples or tourists? Or is it a combination of the two? Do they play different roles within the market economy?
  8. What products are sold?
  9. Is only for individuals or does it also function as a wholesale operation?
  10. What type of market is it: farmers', crafters', a combination? Does this affect the type of clientele?
Part B

Now investigate the development of Kingston's Market. Be prepared to discuss your findings with the class.
  1. What is connection between Kingston's political development and its commercial development? Which appears to drive the other?
  2. Do their successes and/or declines coincide or follow each other?
  3. What role does Kingston's market play today?
  4. Compare Kingston's market to those highlighted in activity #1. What are the similarities and differences in purpose, product and role they play in their community?
  5. How did the changing patterns in Kingston's urbanization affect the role of the market?
  6. What factors allowed Kingston to surpass the development of other similar towns in Canada?

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Earl Moorehead, Hannah Roth

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