We are able to catch char in large numbers in the spring when they move from freshwater lakes to the sea and again in the fall when they move back upstream. Especially in the fall we would build dams in some of the shallow rivers in order to collect fish for spearing. In spring, we would cut a hole through the lake ice and then use a spear.

Using a spear to catch fish can be very difficult because the ice is usually very thick and it takes a trained eye to spot the fish and a skilled arm to thrust the spear in the right direction at the right speed. We also have to know the pattern of how the fish live and move below the ice so that we can chop our holes at the right places. Fish can be found in almost all of the lakes and rivers. Inuit are very good at recognizing the different tastes of fish from different rivers and lakes and each of us thinks that our local lake produces the best tasting fish.
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada

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