How to Make a Glass Picture: Materials and Tips

Note: Indelible India ink and oil paints are not as suitable for younger children. For this age group, water-based paints, if they are available, are easier to apply.


For the picture, you will need:

  • a piece of glass 18 x 14 cm and 2 to 3 mm thick (the dimensions can vary depending on the skill of the children but larger pieces are more difficult to handle, frame and hang)
  • pen and pen-holder
  • black India ink
  • various sized brushes
  • oil or other paint that has good coverage
  • paint solvent
  • rags
  • razor blade (adults only)

For the frame, you will need:

  • cardboard (can be recycled)
  • cotton string
  • roll of adhesive tape, minimum 2 cm wide
  • craft knife (adults only)


  • Oil paints should be used only in a well-ventilated location.
  • Mixing and thinning paint should be done preferably by adults so that children do not have to breathe the fumes.
  • Only adults should use craft knives or razor blades.
  • Several sessions are needed to complete a picture because the ink and various coats of paint must be left to dry (a hair dryer may be used to speed up drying time).
  • Children can draw their own pictures or transfer existing drawings.

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