If you examine this range of different models you will notice they all have features in common:

    they all have wheels    (we’re only considering carriages, here)

    they all have a body of some type (of different shapes and sizes)

    they all have some way to attach the body to the wheels
             called the undercarriage or gear

   and they all have seats    (but of different sorts);

Also, you could choose whether you want a top or not, and other accessories, including whether you need the attachments for one horse (a pair of shafts) or two ( a tongue or pole).

But that’s not all you can choose, you could customize any of the four main parts listed above.  The only thing you could NOT choose would be a carriage without wheels, or without some kind of body, and without some way to attach the horse! 
Paul Bogaard
Adèle Hempel, Michael Doan
19-20th Century
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