Here's your chance to customize your own carriage! Pick from several options and see the results. And this is just a small sample of the possibilities. These images are taken directly from various catalogs produced in the era of horse-drawn vehicles.

Tantramar Interactive Inc.
Leslie Van Patter, Paul Bogaard
19-20th Century
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.


This animation also presents a 3 x 3 grid of thumbnail images, each with a hint of what options were available, and when clicked reveals what that choice could provide:
(1) Standard Body – Standard Carriage: spindle seats on Piano box body with side springs.
(2) Spring Options – [Inset emphasizing Side Springs in previous choice] Optional End Springs, full seat and top (lowered).
(3) Special Wheels – [Inset of Wooden wheels featured in previous choices] Optional bicycle-style wheels with wire spokes and rubber tires.
(4) Body 2 – [Inset of Standard body] Optional “Corning” body with extra pinstriping and full seat.
(5) Body 2 with Top – Optional top on Corning body.
(6) Trim Options – Endless choices of metal trim and upholstery.
(7) Body 3 – [Insets showing Piano and Corning bodies] Optional “Concord” body with metal trim and open seat.
(8) Fully Customized – Fully loaded: modified Concord body with spindles, fancy dash, special springs, pinstriping, lighter seat and much larger wheels!
(9) Colours - Colour options for body and pinstriping.

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