The view of Drachenfels, with its ruined castle, is very dramatic from the river. It’s one of the Seven Hills near Bonn. Here’s one of its many legends:

Long ago, the people who lived on the left side of the Rhine were Christians, while those on the right were heathens. One day the heathens captured the Christian king’s daughter. A heathen prince fell in love with her, but the young girl didn’t want a man who didn’t believe in God.

A dragon lived in a cave underneath the castle. The heathens decided to sacrifice the princess to the dangerous dragon to calm him down. In the early morning she was fastened to a rock in front of the cave. The prince wanted to help her but he didn´t dare. But the girl had no fear. She trusted in God and was convinced that He would help her. She took her crucifix and looked at it intently. Suddenly the dragon came out of the cave looking for his victim. When he saw the young girl he ran towards her. But then he saw the crucifix and got a paralyzing shock. Dazed, he rolled down the rock and fell into the foaming river, where he died. The heathens admired her and fell on their knees. She had priests from her home town come and christen them. When the prince was baptized the two of them married.
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