Aleksey Yavlensky, A Mountain

The landscape, A Mountain, was executed in 1905 by Aleksey Yavlensky, an artist who was influenced by Van Gogh. Until 1908, Yavlensky used the artistic techniques of the famous Dutch painter in his landscapes, convinced of the need to seek life in colour. The landscape was painted near the Tyrolean Alps to the south of Bavaria, where Yavlensky often went with his friends, Vasiliy Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter. In the foreground is a corner of nature filled with the fresh foliage of a tree; the mountain in the background, resplendent in the sunlight, appears to be close to the foliage. After mastering the technique of short brushstrokes or dabs, which were typical of Impressionism, Yavlenskyi “drew in painting.” The strokes are dense, energetic and match the shape of the object. Various brushstrokes—straight and wavy, long and hatched—render the shimmering of the air, as well as the energy and movement of the forces of nature.
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