A. Y. Jackson, A Lake in Labrador

A.Y. Jackson’s oil on canvas A Lake in Labrador, 1930, is especially interesting since there are relatively few depictions of Labrador from this time period in public art collections, of either the landscape or aspects of human settlement. Likely it was based on sketches done in 1927, when Jackson travelled to the Arctic with Dr. Frederick Banting, on the Newfoundland-owned vessel S.S. Beothic. Labrador was a fine subject for an artist attracted aesthetically and spiritually to its great sweeps of space. Writing of Jackson’s work, art historian Dennis Reid refers to a canvas of a similar date as having “the easy, rolling rhythms of a mature Jackson” and to the artist’s ability to achieve a sense of rich, full colour with, in fact, a relatively limited palette. Both characteristics are evident in A Lake in Labrador.
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