Born in Irkutsk in 1889. Died in the same city in 1938. Andreyev is of the artists who developed the “Siberian style” in the art of the 1920–1930s. He is the author of landscapes, portraits and thematic paintings. He dedicated his creative work to the Siberian north—Yakutia. He studied in Irkutsk and in Ukraine where he joined the anarchist party in 1908. He returned to Irkutsk in 1915. He had close relations with D.D. Burliuk during his stay in Irkutsk. He occupied himself with both creative work, and public activity. During 1920–1925, he was in charge of the Irkutsk Art Gallery. The artist studied the culture of national minorities and strived to grasp the essence of their character (the Arctic Ocean expedition in 1920, trip along the Lena River in 1921). He was one of the organizers of the Artists’ Society “Novaya Sibir” (The New Siberia) (1926–1932). He established the “Gagat” art artel (co-operative association) in the 1930s. He was subjected to repression in 1937, and died in 1938. Andreyev was rehabilitated posthumously in 1957.

Tomaksite - 1925, oil on canvas, Irkutsk Regional Art Museum named after V. P. Sukachev
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