Born in Irkutsk in 1889. Died in Barnaul in 1937. Borisov was born in Irkutsk to a railway worker’s family. He studied in Kharkov, Moscow, and St. Petersburg (with N.K. Roerich, A.A. Rylov and N.P. Khimona at the school of the Society for the Promotion of the Arts). He moved to the Altai territory at the beginning of the 1920s, during the civil war. By that time, he was already an established artist in the sphere of painting, theatrical décor, and revolutionary mass propaganda art. Borisov soon became one of the city’s leading painters, the secretary of the Barnaul branch of the Siberian Artists’ Society “Novaya Sibir,” the director of the Barnaul Art Museum, and a well-known teacher and stage scenery designer.

View of the Elekmonar from a Hill - 1918, oil on canvas, State Art Museum of Altayskiy Region
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