Nikolai Florianovich Dobrovolsky

Born in Tambov province in 1837. Place of death unknown in 1900. From 1874 to 1877, Dobrovolsky studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He took part in exhibitions of the Academy from 1875, and became a participant of the World Art Exhibition in Paris in 1878. He was predominantly a landscape painter. In 1886, he traveled throughout Siberia. He lived in Irkutsk, creating a number of landscapes of the city and its environs, and displaying his works at city exhibitions. Dobrovolsky was a personal acquaintance of V.P. Sukachev who acquired one of his landscapes for his own art gallery, which became the foundation of the Irkutsk Art Museum. To all appearances, in St. Petersburg, Dobrovolsky introduced V.P. Sukachev to the artist I.Ye. Repin from whom the collector purchased the now famous Beggar-Woman in the second half of the 1880s. This work of art is included in this exhibition.

Crossing of the Angara at Irkutsk - 1886, oil on canvas, Irkutsk Regional Art Museum named after V. P. Sukachev
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