Nikolay Nikanorovich Dubovskoy

Born in Novocherkassk in 1859. Died in Petrograd in 1918. Born a Kazakh, Dubovskoy first studied at the Kiev Military High School, and then, with a scholarship from the Don Army, went to study at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. M.K. Klodt became his teacher there. Dubovskoy left the Academy without completing the course. In 1886, he became a member of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, and at the end of the century became one of its most influential leaders. In 1898, he received the title of Academician “for his reputation in the arts." A staunch realist, Dubovskoy painted mainly landscapes, including ones in watercolor.

Homeland - 1905, oil on canvas, Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after M. A. Vrubel
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