Nataliya Sergeyevna Goncharova

Born in the village of Nechayevo in the Tula region in 1881. Died in Paris in 1962. Goncharova began her studies in the sculpture department of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, and only began painting in 1905. In 1900, Goncharova met Mikhail Larionov, her future husband and companion, who shared her views on art. Together with him, she drew from the sources of the leading avant-garde art associations, such as “The Jack of Diamonds.” Goncharova and Larionov were the organizers of “The Jack of Diamonds," “The Donkey”s Tail” and “Target” exhibitions. Together they participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and Europe, including the Munich “Blue Rider” exhibition in 1912. Goncharova was one of the most renowned women artists of the Russian avant-garde. During the 1900s–1910s, she experienced an infatuation with Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism and Futurism, but she expressed herself to the utmost in Primitivism. Graphic folklore, popular literature, bright colors and fluent expression became the source of her inspiration, as seen in the monumental character of her works. In 1915, Diagilev invited Goncharova to Paris to work on the decor for Russian ballet performances and she remained in France for the rest of her life. During the Paris period, she worked hard as a theatrical artist without giving up her painting.

Autumn, A Park - 1909, oil on canvas, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Autumn Landscape, Relaxing in the Forest - 1920s, oil on canvas, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
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