Born in Lanvéoc, France in 1865. Died in Meadowvale, Ontario in 1944. Georges Chavignaud, who was born in Brittany, studied engraving in Paris and painting in Brussels and Antwerp. In the early 1880s, he showed his admiration for Impressionism. He moved to Toronto in 1884 and remained there until 1902. After returning from a trip to Europe in 1904, he moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1912, he became a founding member in Toronto of the short-lived Associated Watercolour Painters. His conservative streak and his hostility to the work of the Group of Seven painters led to his resigning in protest from the Ontario Society of Artists. Landscape was his preferred form. Although he worked mainly in watercolours, he painted some oils towards the end of his life.

Hillsiade Acadian Village - 1917, watercolour on paper. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
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