James Edward Hervey MacDonald

Born in Durham, England in 1873. Died in Toronto, Ontario in 1932. J.E.H MacDonald RCA came to Canada with his family in 1887. He studied art at the Hamilton Art School and the Central Ontario School of Art and Design in Toronto. He joined the Grip Ltd. advertising agency in 1895 as a commercial artist, where he met Tom Thomson and a few of the future members of the Group of Seven. He formed a friendship with Lawren Harris, with whom he made several trips to Algoma and Lake Superior. He was a member of the Group of Seven, and was appointed the principal of the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in 1929. He is considered one of Canada’s most important landscape painters.

June Clouds - 1914, oil on linen. Edmonton Art Gallery
Atlantic Beach and Fog Bank Near Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia - 1922, oil on pulp board. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Harbour Entrance, Petite Riviere - 1922, oil on board. Edmonton Art Gallery
Rain in the Mountains -1924, oil on canvas. Art Gallery of Hamilton
A Glacial Lake, Rocky Mountains - 1925, Lithograph 47/100. Edmonton Art Gallery
Rainbow, Lake O’Hara - 1930, oil on canvas; board. Edmonton Art Gallery
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