Born in Sheffield, England in 1881. Died in Unionville, Ontario in 1969. Frederick Varley RCA, who trained at the Sheffield School of Art, where he acquired a solid education between 1892 and 1900, and then at the Antwerp Royal Academy (1900–1902), was encouraged to settle in Canada by his friend Arthur Lismer. He immigrated in 1912 and found a job as a commercial artist. In 1918, he received a commission from the Canadian War Archives to illustrate the war in Europe. Varley, who became a member of the Group of Seven, began teaching at the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts in 1926. In 1933, together with MacDonald, he opened his own school, the BC College of Arts. Despite the large number of students who enrolled, the school had to close its doors two years later because of the Depression. Varley moved to Ottawa, where he worked as a portrait artist.

Andante Cantabile (Howe Sound), Vancouver - circa 1929, oil on pannel, Edmonton Art Gallery
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