Nikolai Semyonovich Shulpinov, Mountain Landscape

From the 1910s onward, Shulpinov was one of the Altai Mountain artists. He began working in a style that is sometimes described as “Siberian." The painting Mountain Landscape reveals to us his distinctive artistic quest. He has been able to combine, in a very original manner, the archaic perception of the spirit of Siberian nature with post-Impressionistic traditions. For example, the clouds floating in the blue sky above the mountain peaks, with the mountainsides covered in forest and green grass. The noonday colours are blinding; the sun, filling the sky, is reflected in the white clouds, the rocks, the red pines, the green valleys and the blue water of the river. Shulpinov built, or rather created, his landscape by imbuing it with his impressions not only of the present, but also of what existed centuries before him.
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