So how many jobs are we talking about here?

(1) Our workmen need to start with raw material, for example, wood and place to saw the tree trunks into slabs and boards, and another place to heat the metal at a forge to cut and shape it into pieces;

(2) Then the skilled blacksmith needs to use that forge to craft specialized parts;

(3) And the wood workers need specialized benches and tools to craft all the many pieces already mentioned;

(4) Then these need to be fitted together into our five essential parts, and finally these parts need to be assembled into a complete carriage;

(5) And we’ve almost forgotten, the whole thing needs to be painted, upholstered and trimmed.

To summarize:
(1) We need a room for powered machines...and a source of power;
(2) We need a blacksmith shop...which (think fire!) will need to be separate...
(3) We need a room with benches and specialized tools...
(4) We need space for assembling the full carriage... and it should probably be near to the painting room, since assembling and painting are accomplished in a series of interdependent steps...
(5) And we need a room just for painting.  Since it has to be protected from dust, this was usually upstairs, and completely protected by plastered walls.
Paul Bogaard
Adèle Hempel, Michael Doan
19th Century
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.

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