The fully functioning factory!

Explore this illustration to see how the Campbell's decided to organize their carriage production.

Peter Manchester, Tantramar Interactive Inc.
Leslie Van Patter, Paul Bogaard
19th Century
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.


In this final animation, moving the mouse allows one's x-ray vision to see right through the exterior of a watercolour illustration of the carriage factory building. As you sweep across the first floor you see craftsmen at their "Benchwork" in one room, and then the "Machines" room with power-driven saws and lathes powered by a horse. Choosing the second floor, you sweep across the "Assembly" room, noting one workman carrying a completed part (a wheel) up the stairs and others assembling a carriage. Finally, as you sweep across the "Painting" room, you see parts being painted.

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