"Victoria had boomed, now she slumped. We had not sold during the boom, now we were compelled to because of increased taxation. My father's acreage was divided into city lots and sold at a loss - each sister kept one lot for herself. Borrowing money, I built a four-suite apartment on mine. One suite had a fine studio. Here I intended to paint, subsisting on the rentals of the other three suites. No sooner was the house finished than the First World War came. Rentals sank, living rose. I could not afford help.
I must be owner, agent, landlady and janitor. I loathed landladying…. I tried in every way to augment my income. Small fruit, hens, rabbits, dogs - pottery … I never painted now - had neither time nor wanting. For about fifteen years I did not paint."1

1Emily Carr, Growing Pains – An Autobiography, (Toronto: Irwin Publishing, 1946), 230-232.
Emily Carr
1913 - 1928
Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
© 1946, Irwin Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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