an intervention carried out with pharmacy employees, involving a homemade photo kit: a converted plastic medical case, a disposable camera, bilingual instructions and a digital colour photograph

installation: digital photographs, acrylic magnifying boxes, sheet magnifier, foam board

I suggested that my colleagues take part in a number of "pharma-ludic" studies, asking them, for example, to photograph the insides of their medicine cabinets at home. I passed around a photo kit. The home pharmacy is an intimate and secretive space, one that retains traces of bumps and collisions, of (acknowledged or unacknowledged) problems, of somatic wishes and desires. But what do you put in a home medicine cabinet when you work in a hospital pharmacy? I digitized each photograph I got back, reduced it and inserted it into a tiny magnifying box. The boxes were then assembled into a grid on a sheet of foam board and displayed using a sheet magnifier. These tiny light boxes had to be observed from very close up; the images were unclear, imprecise; secrets had been well kept and intimacy preserved.
Caroline Boileau

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