The Inuvialuit taught the white men how to survive in the North. Captain Bodfish and his crew started out wearing heavy woollen clothing of all kinds to combat the frigid temperatures and were perplexed at the native attire. As Bodfish explained...

"… we formed the opinion that the natives didn’t know how to keep warm. But before the end of the first winter we adopted the native dress altogether, and provided outfits for all the men. Such clothing was light and perfectly comfortable. We never dressed otherwise from that time on for Arctic weather."

The winter outfit included a caribou skin shirt, knee-length pants, and stockings with the hair turned in against the skin. For outdoor and colder weather a second suit of caribou clothing was worn over top with the hair turned outside. A calico cloth shirt pulled over the skin jacket kept the snow out of the hair during storms. Snow boots of sealskin or whale skin completed the outfit.

The Inuvialuit also taught the newcomers how to run dog teams, travel on snowshoes, hunt, and trap. Without these new skills, many would not have survived.

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