Quote from 'The Book of Small’

"Victoria … had hoisted herself from a Hudson's Bay Fort into a little town … Down on Wharf Street, facing the harbour, were the wholesale houses … My father was a wholesale importer … The part of Wharf Street where Father's store stood had only one side. In front of the store was a great hole where the bank of the shoreline had been dug out to build wharves and sheds. You could look over the tops of these to the Songhees Indian Reserve on the opposite side of the Harbour. To one side of the hole stood the Hudson's Bay Company's store - a long, low building of red brick with a verandah. The Indians came across the Harbour in their dugout canoes to trade at the store."1
1Emily Carr, The Book of Small, (Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2004), 120-121.
Emily Carr
19th Century
Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
© 2004, Douglas & McIntyre. All rights reserved.

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