How much of the healing process has to do with following the plant gathering process?

That’s a very critical part of it. Because when we’re talking about looking after oneself and taking ownership of our own wellness, then it’s our responsibility to protect, preserve, gather, and utilize things – like plants – in our natural environment. If we’re not using them, then they’re not of any value to us. If they’re not of any value to us, then we destroy them, and that’s what’s happening. So the spiritual aspect is very much connected to taking on that responsibility for using those things.

I know that not everybody is going to go out and gather medicine, but the awareness should be there about preserving and protecting and making sure that that environment is available to those people that do. Because each one of us has different responsibilities. Maybe somebody else is more responsible for the water or for the birds. Maybe a man is a hunter, so he’s responsible for protecting the environment of the animals he hunts.
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