How do you know how strong the active ingredient or ingredients are within the plants you grow in your backyard?

I deal with it internally. I know that this is the plant I want, I ask from the plant what I want, and the plant gives me what it has to give. And I trust that the plant and the person who will use it will be able to find a way to meet and the person to get what they need out of that plant.

This approach has very pragmatic things about it. The plant that I harvest in my backyard is much more full of vitality and life than any plant that was mixed up with things and pressed into a pill, with heat, from plant powders that have been shipped around the globe then into Canada.

Also, the fact that I'm an herbalist and that I know the plants and I have communication with plants, carries over into the relationship that that person is going to have with the plant. This I believe is a way grander approach than focusing on the molecules that came from that plant. What I harvest, when I harvest it, and how I transform it is the very pragmatic way of getting what I want out of that plant.

And the other pragmatic aspect is that my dosage range can vary enormously from one person to another. I always start with very small dosages, and some people stay with that because it's enough for them, they can feel it. And some people will take up to five droppers six times a day, and that's fine, because that's what they need. And the relationship between the person and the plant is beyond me, you know, I'm a matchmaker.

Because we work with living material, with plants and people, all of this can take place. That can never happen with something totally inert.

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