Is interest in herbal medicine increasing?

Yes, and I think the increase varies widely across Canada, from province to province. It's interesting, because the increase seems to follow a historic pattern that a writer named Barbara Griggs described in a book called Green Pharmacy. In her book, she says there's long been a back-and-forth pull between traditional/natural and conventional forms of medicine. Every time there's been a decline in people's faith in conventional medicine - because of adverse side effects of mercury treatments in the 19th century, or whatever - then people turn back to herbs and simple home remedies. And then conventional medicine comes up with something like penicillin, and boom! All confidence turns back to conventional medicine. So it's just a cycle, and I think now we're in the part of the cycle where people are turning away from conventional medicine, away from chemical drugs and that sort of thing, and reviving their interest in traditional remedies.
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