Does TCM treat diseases or disharmonies within the body?

It treats both. TCM is so comprehensive, complicated, and sophisticated. It does harmonize the body and balance its energy. And it is also used to treat disease.

TCM treats diseases diagnosed using Western methods according to pattern differentiation. According to TCM, a disease may present various patterns that indicate the cause, nature, and location of the disease. TCM doctors prescribe herbal medicine accordingly. For example, migraine headache patients may present with a cold pattern, a heat pattern, an energy and blood deficiency pattern, or a Qi (the body's vital energy) and blood stagnation pattern. Even though these patterns are all characteristic of headaches, the treatments will be completely different. A cold headache has to be treated with hot herbs, while a hot headache must be treated using cold herbs. The energy and blood have to be tonified for a patient with a deficiency. The Qi and blood have to be invigorated and stagnation has to be removed for a patient whose headache is due to Qi and blood stagnation. The result of TCM herbal treatment depends largely on precise diagnosis and correct pattern differentiation.

TCM also prevents disease and promotes health by maintaining the body's balance before pathological imbalances occur.

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