Una tarde en Xochimilco (An Afternoon in Xochimilco)

The desolate canals of Xochimilco, depicted years before in the work of Joaquín Clausell and Hugo Brehme in tranquil, private scenes characterized by a certain primitive quality, now reflect a new Mexico painted in Miguel Covarrubias' mural: their waters are more crowded with people, not precisely local inhabitants, but rather groups of domestic and foreign tourists. By 1947, Xochimilco had become one of the major tourist attractions of the city and a key destination for the obligatory Sunday outing. In Una tarde en Xochimilco, Covarrubias successfully gives a humorous portrait of the people going on the outing and at the same time returns to the festive, anecdotal and descriptive character of the manners and customs genre of the 19th century. The stylized approach to the figures is a product of his intensive work as a caricaturist.
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